Admission decisions for every student applicant are made by the Admissions Board, an ad hoc board created by the Board of Directors. This board must meet with every student candidate and his parents/legal guardians before admission to the school can occur. Our Faith Academy forms can be found here.

An official interview of the candidate will occur using the following criteria to govern the evaluation of suitability:

  • The willingness and enthusiasm of the prospective student’s parents or legal guardians to submit the child to classroom environments that emphasize the infallible authority of the Bible and the exclusivity of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone.
  • The academic readiness of the child for the grade into which entrance is sought.  The academic records from previous schools must be available to the Admissions Board before an interview can be scheduled. The parents/legal guardians are responsible to ensure that student records are received by the Admissions Board.
  • The relative absence of misbehavior in previous schools.  A copy of all such records from previous schools must also be available to the Admissions Board.
  • The signed pledge of the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) to abide by the dictates of the Student/Family Handbook and to help ensure the same from the student.
  • The student’s firm expression of desire to attend school at Faith Academy.  (This especially applies to students in grades 7-12)

Additional policies affecting admissions decisions

  • An interview with the Admissions Board will not be scheduled until all application/registration forms and materials have been completed and received in the school office, though not necessarily including the academic and behavior records from previous schools.  The records from previous, and certainly the most recent school attended, will ultimately need to be received by the Admissions Board before a final decision can be made.
  • The parents/guardians will be informed of the Admission Board’s decision within 48 hours of the interview and receipt of all school records.
  • The number of students enrolled will not exceed 18 in a classroom, except perhaps in choir, band, or an athletic team.
  • Once a maximum number has been enrolled in any particular class or grade, a waiting list for interviewing will be started on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Home-school students are welcome to seek admission as part-time students pursuant to the school’s admission policy.
  • Faith Academy does not admit married students.
  • Interviews with international students may be conducted by telephone, email, or letter.

Admission Deadlines

  • The application deadline for regular admission is June 20th. Families who meet this deadline will be notified of acceptance no later than June 30th. Tuition obligations will follow those specified in Section 1.08.
  • The application deadline for late admission is July 20th. Families who meet this deadline will be notified of acceptance no later than July 31st. Tuition obligations will follow those specified in Section 1.08 except a double tuition payment will be due Aug. 5th (to make up for the missed July payment) along with a double enrollment fee (to pay expediting fees for books).
  • Families who relocate after the deadline for late admission will be considered by the Admission Board on a case-by-case basis. An appropriate tuition schedule will be determined at that time.