Frequently Asked Questions

Answers To Your Burning Questions About Faith Academy

Will your teachers be licensed by the state of Kansas?

Our teachers will not necessarily be licensed/state-certified.  Such status may or may not be an identifying mark of a good teacher.  Stereotypically, Faith Academy teachers will be college-degreed in fields other than education. If we want to educate our students well, having well-educated teachers is a good start. However, being gifted to teach is the chief criterion.  Many would-be teachers, though their initial desire to teach is strong, later discover a lack of success in the classroom. They did not have that “easy yoke,” that “way with kids.”  A teacher will not be hired at Faith Academy unless we believe (through observation and the testimony of others) that he or she is gifted.  Indeed, our experience  has been that smart, talented, gifted, well-educated mothers make great teachers. (Yes,  fathers do too.)

Will your school be accredited?

Faith Academy will seek state or national accreditation if the Board of Directors believes that accreditation will further the goals of the school.  Accreditation for the sake of reputation is not worth the financial costs.  In the last 25 years, the small, private Christian school and home school movements have changed the college admissions landscape.  Students from said environments have proven themselves over the years at the college level. No longer do admissions counselors suggest that those students are not well-prepared, given that their college entrance tests indicate readiness. (In-depth analysis of  SAT and ACT scores reveal that students from non-accredited Christian schools and home schools are generally quite ready for success in college.) Be reminded that Faith Academy intends to offer a vigorous academic challenge to its students. They will be ready.

Are there tours available of Faith Academy?

Yes, Faith Academy offers tours anytime during the week when school is in session. A tour is a great opportunity to our our facility, meet our staff, and see the academic environment we provide to students.

To schedule a tour, complete the form on this page: Schedule a Tour.

Is there a dress code?

Yes, Faith Academy has a dress code for its students. The detailed dress code for all grade levels can be found here.

What if my son or daughter wants to leave Faith Academy and return to the public high school? Will their credits transfer?

Faith Academy will make every effort to ensure that its courses receive credit on public high school transcripts.  We will title our courses similarly to public school courses, e.g., World History, Government, English 10, etc.  Whether or not the public school will accept a Bible credit is uncertain.  Faith Academy administrators pledge to sit down with their counterparts in the public school and explain course titles, requirements, curriculum, hours in class, etc.

Will Faith Academy have a sports program?

Faith Academy has a partnership with the Wichita Warriors, which allows all Faith Academy students, including part-time homeschool students, to participate in athletics.

Learn more about the partnership and the Wichita Warriors.

What about hot lunches?

Lunches are provided by Jason’s Deli.