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Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Our Approach

Faith Academy is a classical school, and the curriculum is classical in nature. We believe the curriculum, and the manner in which it is taught will fully prepare students for college, the workforce, or whatever future God has planned for them.

Faith Academy students learn to think critically and reason logically, to read and comprehend at high levels, to speak winsomely and write persuasively, to solve complex math problems, and to appreciate God’s creation and order, as well as worship and serve Him in all things.

Our classical school curriculum is enthusiastically and unapologetically Christian. The history of the Church and its impact on society and culture is one of the pillars of our approach. We also emphasize literature and stories that encourage God-honoring behavior and character traits. However, our students are not overly sheltered. Vigorous reading in Christian apologetics fortify our students’ faith against a wide range of skepticism and prepares them to do battle in a world that can be hostile to their beliefs.

We believe the Kingdom of God has been advancing since Christ’s earthly ministry purchased a people in whom the Spirit of God lives, and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate in His work through the shaping and equipping of young minds and hearts at Faith Academy.

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