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Faith Academy Family Spotlight: The Alonzi Family

In this month’s Faith Academy Family Spotlight, we are so excited to introduce you to the Alonzi family! Meet Terra Alonzi and her daughter, Violet. They have a cat named Kitty and a three-year-old red-eared slider turtle named Carl.

While Violet (4th grade) is in school at Faith Academy, Terra spends each day championing her successful real estate business. Violet, who loves gymnastics, swimming and fishing, wants to own her own veterinary practice when she grows up. For fun, Terra and Violet love to explore the outdoors, have movie nights, play board games and spend time with their family. The Alonzis are very close with their extended family and love sharing its history.

“On my mom’s side our family is 5th generation Californians,” Terra says. “Our family was predominant in the early establishment of downtown Los Angeles, and we are related to Zachary Taylor, the 12th president of the United States – Violet’s uncle is named after him! On my dad’s side, Violet’s great-grandpa came from Sicily, Italy, and Violet’s great-grandma’s family came from Russia.”

When they were exploring schooling options for Violet, it was Terra’s mother who received a recommendation to look into Faith Academy. Since then, the Alonzis have become enthusiastic supporters of Faith Academy’s values and Christ-centered, high-level education.

“What we love most about Faith Academy is the togetherness of all the families,” Terra says. “It’s a very tight-knit and inviting community. We recommend Faith Academy any chance we get!”

We are so blessed that God guided the Alonzi family to Faith Academy! Be sure to say hello next time you see them, and stay tuned for more Faith Academy Family Spotlights!

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