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Mr. Michael Sater

Principal - Liberal Arts Teacher

Mr. Michael Sater has been at Faith Academy since it opened in 2015. He is a passionate advocate for classical Christian education and hopes to instill a love of learning and help raise the next generation of disciples who follow Christ with their hearts, souls, and minds.

Mr. Sater attended Wichita State University and received degrees in philosophy, medieval literature, and Latin. He is currently pursuing a graduate degree from Midwestern Baptist Seminary.

Outside the classroom, Mr. Sater has written for and contributed to multiple New York Times bestselling books on the power of storytelling, a college textbook, and was an award-winning songwriter and musician. He is also very talented at making macaroni and cheese.

Mr. Sater teaches Latin, Literature, History, and Bible at Faith Academy.  The students know him for his love of Biblical bunny trails, The Lord of the Rings, dogs, pirates, the Buffalo Bills, and monthly game and movie nights.

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