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Who We Are


Faith Academy is a classical Christian academy in Wichita that has incorporated with state and federal government as a private school offering grades TK-4 through twelve to families and students who share our mission. It's our mission, we believe that sets us apart from other educational opportunities in the Wichita area.

The curriculum and the manner in which it is taught will thoroughly equip students for long-term academic success. We believe colleges and the business community will find our graduates well-prepared. Faith Academy students will learn to think carefully and logically, to read at high levels of comprehension, to write and speak winsomely and persuasively, to scientifically appreciate the Created Order, and to solve problems mathematically, as appropriate.

Our curriculum is enthusiastically Christian. We emphasize the beneficial role of the Church in societies and cultures since its formation two millennia ago. Church history is a frequent topic in our classrooms. Many of the books and stories that we use encourage God-honoring character and behavior. This is not to say our students are overly sheltered; however, vigorous reading in Christian apologetics will fortify the faith of children and teens against a wide range of skepticism they might encounter.

We do not shy away from appreciating the American experience, generally – its foundational principles of government, economics, civic duty, and goodwill. Though we do not neglect the faults and weaknesses in this country (past and current), we do celebrate its relatively shining example and, frankly, its blessedness.

We believe the Kingdom of God has been advancing ever since Christ came and purchased a people in whom the Spirit of God lives, i.e., the Church.


Mission Statement

The hope is that Faith Academy will develop a vanguard of Christ-like, educated young men and women able to move confidently and influentially into the larger culture, full of grace and truth.

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